Our Specialty Pulled Pork

September 30, 2021

If you are a busy parent or individual you will appreciate the sale this week!

Our Pulled Pork makes a quick and very delicious 5 minute meal.

It is slowly roasted in the smokehouse, then pulled apart and rubbed with our specialty seasonings. This item is fully cooked, ready to heat & serve.

Here are some ideas that we enjoy serving the Pork.

  1. On a roll. Just a good "ole" sandwich.
  2. As a Pork taco, topped with cheese, lettuce, sauce etc. 
  3. Sprinkle on top of nachos, top with cheese, olives, and heat/bake until hot.
  4. Or just eat it plain with our BBQ sauce on top.

Pulled Pork is on sale this week.

$7.99lb (reg. $8.99lb)

Don't forget to grab a bottle of BBQ sauce while you are there!

Swing by Olde Tyme Meats this week to check out the sales and pick up some of your favorite products.

 All the best,

 Aaron & Gina Peachey

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