Meet The Team

September 14, 2021

Good morning,

We are excited to show you a few pictures of our amazing team!

Here at Olde Tyme Meats, we value our employees and their work ethics. We recognize that the hard work they do is the reason for our success.

We take our work seriously here at Olde Tyme Meats, but we also like to have of fun! You may hear lots of singing while the employees work or even see a game of volleyball on lunch break. :)

One evening this summer, in honor of a few of the girls that were leaving to teach school, we all enjoyed a "mountain pie" campfire and singing. The evening ended with some lively running games that some of us preferred to watch rather than participate. :)  

Swing by Olde Tyme Meats this week and say "Hi" to the team. Check out the sales and pick up some of your favorite products.

All the best,


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