Impress your guests with a Charcuterie appetizer

December 15, 2021

In the last few years, we have seen a interesting ( and sometimes intimating) trend at weddings or dinner parties that include, cutting boards, cheeses, pickles, nuts, meats, dried and fresh fruits, artfully arranged and delicious!

What is this trend and how can I put this together myself?

Welcome to the world of Charcuterie - pronounced 


The word "Charcuterie" is loosely translated from the French word to

"pork butcher". In the 15th century, before refrigeration was invented, they had to preserve meats and cheeses thru a process of smoking and salt preservation, these groups of people were called "Charcutiers". 

So get creative this season and put together a tasty spread that matches your style and current holiday event!

It can look overwhelming and intimating, but here are a few quick and easy ways to get started and then as you get more comfortable you can add more detail and products.

You will need a large cutting board (go borrow Grandmas) or even a roll of brown Kraft paper.

3 to 4 basic ingredients 

1. Meat

Pictured with: Olde Tyme Meats Ring bologna with cheese, our specialty smoked Ham, and Lebanon Bologna.

2. Cheese

Pictured with: 

Olde Tyme Meats Smoked Cooper & Marble Cheese

3. Your choice of Breads and Crackers

4. Pickles, Olives and Nuts.

You can also add fresh or dried Fruits, I only had oranges on hand so that's what I used. 

That is the beauty of a Charcuterie, there is no right or wrong way to display. I use what I have on hand to keep it budget friendly, but if you are feeling adventurous, the sky is the limit!

I like to start arranging the Charcuterie with the meat, and then I fill in the gaps with chucks of cheese, breads, crackers and fruits.

Also to add detail and to fill in empty holes, clip evergreens or snips of fresh herbs for arrange in and around the display.

I hope you enjoyed this little chit chat about fancy and fun Charcuterie hosting, and don't be scared to try it!

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All the best,

Aaron & Gina Peachey 

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