Secure Local Meat Supply Direct from the Butcher

Know your food source: Grocery store meats imported from other countries may be sold as Product of USA!

Your family deserves local meat the Olde Tyme way!

✓ Direct from local farms, to our butcher shop, to your table

✓ No Citric Acid used... only Apple Cider Vinegar

✓ No Antibiotics or Hormones

Here are some of the Olde Tyme differences you can depend on.

  • We commit to be a Real Butcher Shop. Like butchers in the good old days, we harvest the locally grown animals right here on premise. Many meat shops these days just cut up meat that is shipped to them in boxes from commercial feed lots and even other countries. We are the real deal. A butcher shop with real local meat. USDA Butcher shops are rapidly dying out. Olde Tyme Meats is one of the last USDA inspected meat slaughter shops in the greater Chambersburg area.
  • We commit to season the old-fashioned way... No MSGs in Olde Tyme Meats!
  • We commit to smoke our own meats in our own smoke house with real hickory smoke... No artificial liquid smoke!
  • Old World Transparency... You get to know your butcher, shake his hand, be his friend and ask him hard questions.

So as you can see, "Olde Tyme Meats" is not just a name... It is our commitment.

This is the Olde Tyme Meat vision. This is what you can depend on from us. We hope to always honor your trust and exceed your expectations.

(15+) Five Star Reviews

Amazing meat and cheese! Love their smoked meat and pulled pork! The staff is very friendly, almost like family and they are so helpful.
Greg E.
The selection is great! They gave me a sample of the maple sausage links they have. And that is the best sausage I've had in along time. Said the do all there own meats and even mentioned jerky they were smoking current. Good prices! I highly recommend them!
C. Bash
Wonderful staff... great prices... excellent products... lunch meat, cheese, meats all worth the trip.
Debi S.

How It Works

We Butcher

Direct from the farm to this very butcher shop.

You Shop...

You choose Olde Tyme local meat from a source you know.

And Enjoy

Stock your freezer with meat direct from the butcher and ready to enjoy!